About us

Centre for the Study of Indian Languages and Society (INLANSO) is an educational institution, which runs language and society/culture related short and long term training programs and composite study packages for students with serious interest in improving the oral language proficiency, deepening the knowledge of grammar, as well as getting acquainted with different aspects of South Asian society, culture, religion and politics. The programs are tailored for the needs of individual students, university departments and also members of faculty and staff of South Asia Studies and related subjects.

INLANSO is also actively involved in deepening the people to people relations with  neighbouring countries in South Asia and Indian Ocean. Research students and scholars are invited to get affiliated with INLANSO while doing field work in South Asia. INLANSO has initiated a think tank in global affairs, which offers an independent scholarly platform for anybody who shares the values of INLANSO.

INLANSO concept is to test the classroom knowledge in outdoor practice. We pay special attention to South Asia’s multireligious, multicultural and multiethnic profile. We look for the composite elements in societal interactions and identify and critically examine disputed discourses.

INLANSO is an institution in making with a clear vision of the future academic and educational scene where INLANSO with its solid academic as well as society oriented practical approach will occupy a prominent space.

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