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Indian society and culture

The India is the second most populous country in the world, the most populous democracy in the world and one of the most dynamic economies. How do we understand the India with its multiplicity of cultures, ethnic groups, languages and religions? This course explores this diversity which forms the core of Indian society and culture. The course engages with eternal debates in classic and contemporary anthropology on caste, untouchability, gender, poverty, conflicts, development, religious nationalism, the India relations with its neighbours.


INLANSO has requisite infrastructure for facilitating scholars and research students in pursuit of their project work largely in the field of humanities and social sciences. Our centre welcomes and facilitates visiting scholars on regular basis. It had amongst its visitors Prof Hoshang Merchant, a renowned Indian English writer, Prof Aake Sander of Gothenburg University (Sweden), Prof Claus Peter Zoeller of University of Oslo (Norway), Dr Sebastian Schwecke of Goettingen University (Germany) and Prof Chiharu Takenaka of Rikkyo University (Japan) to name a few of the most recent visitors.

Indian Languages

INLANSO facilitates short and long-term courses for students who wish to improve their oral language proficiency, deeper their knowledge of  grammar as well as get acquainted with different aspects of Indian society and culture. There are usually 20 hours of indoor and outdoor classes per week. The unique concept of INLANSO is to combine the classroom knowledge with outdoor practice. INLANSO pays special attention to Varanasi’s multi-religious, multicultural and multi-ethnic anatomy.


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Home Cooked Food – By staying at a homestay, you’ll be able to taste authentic Indian home cooked food, made to order.

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India is a magical and exotic place to visit for tourists, the natural beauty, touristic attractions and the local culture will give you the most.

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39 A, Lane 5, Ravindrapuri Rd, Varanasi, UP 221005

39 A, Lane 5, Ravindrapuri Rd, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221005

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What our students say

“The well thought out programme conveyed an authentic and differentiated image of Indian society by linking profound expert knowledge with elements of autonomous fieldwork”

Students of Indology Wûrzburg University, Germany

“We have learnt more Hindi in these five months in Varanasi than in three semesters at our university, which is natural since we are exposed to Hindi round the clock”

Armin Chiocchetti Student of South Asia Studies@Uppsala University, Sweden

“Through INLANSO we got the opportunity to see and experience the true meaning of diversity in India”

Maria Elvira Student of South Asia Studies@Aarhus University, Denmark

Travelling to Varanasi, India to study with INLANSO was my first meeting with the ”real” India. INLANSO provides a well-balanced Hindi-study program that prepares you for oral and written communication in Hindi. During my stay my understanding of spoken and written Hindi increased significantly and made me ready to continue my South Asia degree back in Norway. If you want a thrilling adventure in one of India’s most interesting cities and the chance to master a beautiful language. I highly recommend taking a semester at INLANSO.

Sander Aron Kaushik Student of Indian Studies@Oslo University, Norway

“The programme offered at INLANSO, was definitely worth everything; the teachers were well prepared, the courses were utterly organised, and the atmosphere was pleasant.”

Lene Lassen Student of South Asia Studies@Aarhus University, Denmark

Who we are?

INLANSO concept is to test the classroom knowledge in outdoor practice. You will apply your knowledge of linguistics and your chosen language in real world challenges of intercultural communication.You will learn in small classes, where you will receive individual attention. Whether you are a total beginner or quite fluent, you will find courses to suit you. You will also be exposed to the cultural context of your chosen language with our outdoor classes and tours.

  • Five locations in India: Varanasi, Pondycherry, Lucknow, Kolkata and Mussoorie
  • Multi-religious, multicultural and multi-ethnic profile
  • Courses, Events, Seminars and Conferences
Indian Languages
Indian Literature
Seminars and Conferences


About us

Centre for the Study of Indian Languages and Society (INLANSO) is an educational institution, which runs language, society and culture related short and long term training programs and composite study packages for students with serious interest in improving the oral language proficiency, deepening the knowledge of grammar, as well as getting acquainted with different aspects of South Asian society, culture, religion and politics. The programs are tailored for the needs of individual students, university departments and also members of faculty and staff of South Asia Studies and related subjects. INLANSO is also actively involved in deepening the people to people relations with neighbouring countries in South Asia and Indian Ocean. Research students and scholars are invited to get affiliated with INLANSO while doing field work in South Asia. INLANSO has initiated a think tank in global affairs, which offers an independent scholarly platform for anybody who shares the values of INLANSO. INLANSO concept is to test the classroom knowledge in outdoor practice. We pay special attention to South Asia’s multireligious, multicultural and multiethnic profile. We look for the composite elements in societal interactions and identify and critically examine disputed discourses. INLANSO is an institution in making with a clear vision of the future academic and educational scene where INLANSO with its solid academic as well as society oriented practical approach will occupy a prominent space.

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