Visiting Students

Assi Flats

These flats are situated in the heart of the Assi area, only 1 km away from the program house. The majority of our students has been staying here every year. It is possible to get a independent room, with attached kitchen and bathroom, or a room with attached bathroom but with a shared living area and kitchen. It is also possible to share the room, with up to three people living together. The kitchen will be provided with some essential kitchen supplies, and it is possible to buy gas and filtered water for the kitchen. There is hot water whenever needed in the bathroom. There will be a guard at the gate 24/7, he will lock the gate and the door around 22.30 so all students should be inside by then. Staff will be there daily, ready to talk and help you with your hindi.  


Homestay is one of the more unusual but most beneficial ways of living in India. We have a number of families where our students has been staying throughout the years. All of them are situated in the Assi area, English speaking and with great living facilities. Most of the homestays comes with food and cleaning included and others with the possibility to get meals if you pay ekstra. There is hot water for whenever needed in the bathroom. Generally the families prefer to have the visitor home at around 10 pm and will lock their gate before midnight.